Monday, November 29, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Thanksgiving Weekend Review

No not that kind of review. Dancing Turkeys? Really? The weekend was looong wasn't it?

I always say there's no place to live like NY
Wednesday night we all trecked into NYC to our friend's great apartment with Central Park right down the end of the block. We drank, ate and sang Christmas carols on the front steps. Before I die I hope I can say I lived for awhile in the city. But that night it was fun to sit and watch the hoards of passersby on their way to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloons being blown up and act like "Yeah this is my apartment aren't you jealous???" Oh and the balloons were great. Kids got a kick out of it. One of the best Thanksgiving Eve's I have had in a long time. (totally beats staying up all night cooking!!!)
Had waaay too much food on Thanksgiving.
What else is new?
We say every year we won't make as much as the year before...but do we ever? No.
After the appetizers I could have had a nice cup of tea and a sliver of pumpkin pie and been very happy.
Black Friday.
Or is it Black Wednesday or Thursday now?
Stores open on Thanksgiving. 
I don't like it. 
I liked back in the day when the stores didn't open until you go to sleep off the tryptophan then shop 'til you drop!

 This Midnight Madness is too much. I think next year I will save the madness to right before the sun starts to come up. Fun's our tradition and even if I didn't get the the buy of the year it's OK.

The house is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We put up one tree in the family room last night....attempted to take some pictures for our Christmas card...I think I was easier when I worried about them spitting up on their Christmas outfits rather than wrangle 2 teenagers and a goofy 8 year old...Hopefully we got some good ones. 
                   Probably something close to this...
                                             yeah right.

Jenn's two cents: Used to live on West 77th street where they blow up the balloons for the parade and every year hubby and I would have a big balloon blowing party - awesome - miss those times.  Glad Thanksgiving is over - too much cooking and eating, skipped Black Friday this year and am glad I did.  Haven't even thought about the Christmas card yet...guess I have to get working on that. Happy Cyber Monday!


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