Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Great Day

Yesterday was a great day.  I mean a really great day.  It is the little things that make me happy.  Like calling Toys R Us for the 100th time in search of a Frankie Stein Doll and being told yes, we have ONE.  I literally have been calling every day for the last 4 weeks so when I got a yes instead of the usual No, I whooped with joy.  I think I scared the customer service rep on the other end.  She did agree to hold it for me after I promised to be there in 10 minutes and even though it is against store policy.   I ran a comb through my hair, through on some jeans and a sweat shirt and ran out the door. Praying the whole way there, as I drove like a bat-out-of-hell, that the doll would be there.  Yes, she was there - with my name on it no less.  It was not the right one but close enough so I figured I would take it.  But wait, the customer service rep tells me, there are more in the back.  The stock person is bringing them out.  So I go to the aisle to wait - along with another mom who beat me there.  We are chatting - this and that -how hard these dolls are to find, etc.  The stock girl comes out with 6 different dolls, the other mom grabs them all.  I said really?  You are going to take ALL of those? She said no - here and gave me two - one was the one Lu wants and the other is a different girl from the same collection so what the heck, I took it.  Merry Christmas she said.  Same to you I said.  I literally felt like I had won  the lottery.  I had the coveted doll.  I rock.

Next stop, The Christmas Tree Shop for some Girl Scout Supplies.  On the way stop at AT&T to pick up another Christmas present.  Told it's out-of-stock.  I almost cry.  The sales rep says let me make some calls - finds what I am looking for and has it delivered to the store while I shop next store.  OK so I am flying now.  Two major presents checked off the list.    Get home, log onto Southwest and BAM - get the flights I want for Feb break for $99 - whoo hoo.  It is my lucky day.  Life is good.  Christmas is going to be great.  Can't wait.


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