Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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I overslept today by 49 minutes.  I don't know what happened - I never oversleep.  I did wake from a bizarre dream whose cast of characters was more like a nightmare.  You were all there - on the cobblestone streets that I wasn't supposed to drive on sneering at me.  Cara was there too and a woman Cara and I don't like very much... so any who woke from this strange dream delirious and realized it was 6:49.  I remember hubby saying goodbye at 6 and rolling over for just that one-more-minute which turned into 48 more minutes.  Since I overslept, it means EVERYONE overslept.  So my son was late for school, my ballerina was late for school - the only one who made it on time was Lu.  Thank goodness her school has a 9:05 start time or she would have been late too...

Today is going to be one of those days.  You know the kind.  When you wish there were 12 more hours in the day and you weren't SOOOO tired?  Here is a sample of today's to do list:

Christmas Lights (it's probably the last warm day of 2010 so I would like to get this accomplished)
Clean House (okay - I do this everyday but somehow the kitchen exploded yesterday - could have been that trip to BJ's and no where to store all that food)
Grocery Store (for all the little things I need for Thanksgiving dinner that I couldn't get at BJ's)
Laundry (everyday)
Hair Appointment (for ballerina)
Party City (for platter for under Advent wreath I made yesterday)

I am sure there is more...but I am already so exhausted it will have to wait.  Tomorrow is all the baking for Thanksgiving and the dogs go to the groomer and I would like to get a mani/pedi and I have to pick up the turkey from the butcher...I love the holidays!


Cara's two cents: Ok now I gotta find out WHO that is...did mani/pedi yesterday it was EMPTY go at like 1:00!! Are you coming in the morning to peruse the BF circulars???


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