Monday, December 13, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Benjamin Sprinkles

....has arrived. Last night. He is our Elf on the Shelf.Do you have one? He/she would look like this. After conferring with Jenn the other night we both discovered Mike and Lu were the ONLY ones in their school that did not have a Shelf Elf. (yeah OK...)

Mike had mentioned it last year because a buddy of his had one in his house. Fast forward to this year and same buddy is in his class again. Yep the Elf came back and is sitting there again. (at the time I missed the "came back" part I will explain later). 

He wanted to know why Santa never sent one here. I remember vaguely hearing about the Shelf Elf years ago, maybe when I was a kid. He never sat in my house growing up, and my older kids never had a visit from him. I told him I didn't know anything about a Shelf Elf...and I had no clue why it didn't come here. Again I thought he was trying to trip me up.

After talking to Jenn and realizing other kids did have Shelf Elves in their houses...and (horrors!!!) could it be that Mike and Lu were the only ones it didn't visit? But we also heard they were sold out. At Hallmark. Hallmark? The Diva is working at Hallmark for the Christmas season. So long, story short after a few text messages I secured two. Beautifully boxed (and he is the cheap thing I remembered...still cheap looking...guess they had to keep it real??) with a lovely story book inside...all the bells whistles and $$$$ one would expect from Hallmark. (Family discount day did ease the pain though)

Luckily, although Mike is starting to cross over to the dark side...he wants to believe. So much to his joy, there was a box stuck between the front doors, when he went outside "to shut the Christmas lights" for me. We have no idea how it got there...Christmas magic? Must be. And just when he thought the story his friend told of the Elf wasn't true (really??)here it was on his doorstep!!! So he and his siblings (who truth be told were very interested in what was going on) named him and registered him online. (he is technologically advanced even if he has plastic hair and a toilet paper roll shaped body)

He read us the story out loud and it was delightful hearing how Benjamin Sprinkles would watch him and then report back to Santa on his pouting or lack thereof. And when he woke up in the morning he would be in a different place.

Wait, what? Every morning??? From now 'til Christmas Eve morning??? WHAT?????????????? Elf buddy's mom (who is my friend) did not share that tidbit with me when I was coveting her Elf. At this point I now have teenagers cracking up. This is going to be like Tooth Fairy stress for 12 days. Which is fine right? I mean, I HAVE NOTHING TO DO 12 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, thanks I needed that. Ahem. I am going to look at it like 12 days...'cause it all could be over next year. He was SO happy that the Elf was on his doorstep it was a taste of Christmas morning. The magic of Christmas. I hope he remembers how he felt that night. When it comes time to talk about "things" I want him to remember that feeling, because that is really what Christmas is all about. He is sitting in the kitchen today. Watching me. I had better keep my pouting in check.

(Oh, and if Jenn returns hers now after reading this...I may have to throw a fit. You are SO in this with me pal!!!!!)

Jenn's two cents:  I guess our elf will show up tonight - I knew about moving it guess I forgot to tell you that! At least its only 12 days - some people start this right after Thanksgiving!


Rosanne said...

There is no elf here. Now Rusty is the only kid without one. There will be no elf here either, Santa watches from his crystal snowball and can see you all the time, not only when there is an elf in the room. That is my story and I am sticking to it!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that Benjamin. He resembles a very elderly elf that I know (who is now sitting on a shelf next to Mike's picture since I felt bad after reading about Ben and not having my guy come out for Christmas). My elf is of undetermined age (like antique!) and I also recall a long gone toilet paper roll Santa who sat on a shelf for many years. Memories of Christmas past!

Lori said...

There is no Shelf Elf in my house either! I can't even remember the tooth fairy....luckily there is a big fairy in our house who gets the job done! Picture him with his wings on!

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