Monday, December 6, 2010

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Yesterday we went on Mayberry's Holiday House Tour. Every year we make a day of it. We see all the houses on the tour then we go out for lunch. It's a fun "girlie" day out. Although you do see some husbands (other people's on the tour as well. 

It's fun for me because I am essentially nosy I guess. (wink wink) Homes around town that I have been driving by for years, now open their doors and say "Come on in have a look around!" We have a lot of very old houses with great histories so it's fun to learn that where my "newer" house sits was a grand estate back in the day...stuff like that. 

I have to laugh a little at the owners of the homes though. You can see they are slightly uncomfortable with the streams of strangers walking in their front doors. Now there are lovely gentlemen and ladies placed at the entrances and all over the homes from the Historical Society dressed in period clothing...directing you and giving you some background on the home as you walk through the rooms. But the owners kinda stand awkwardly soaking up compliments as people walk by. 

They don't seem to quite know what to do with themselves. After all they agreed to this. But now there are strangers standing in their bedrooms (their bedrooms!!!) looking at not only the "architecture" but their pictures on their bureaus and other personal items. I would imagine they put anything valuable or very personal away. I mean you aren't allowed to poke through the drawer on their nightstand or anything like that. 

I enjoy the tour every year. I enjoy the day out with the girls. But I am not sure I would enjoy being one of the houses. I don't know. Sure it's nice that people think your house is great and want to see it. Many times people have come into this house and told me they looked at it when it was for sale, they wanted to buy it once, they love my back staircase, the pool...and those things are nice. I have given many "nickel tours" here. But these were people that were invited into my home. Maybe it's just the people in my bedroom thing that is icky to me. Maybe because I know how it feels to know a stranger was in my bedroom looking at my stuff after being robbed once.

Nevertheless, it was a lovely afternoon as always. There was one or two homes that I loved. I am grateful for the owners who let us in. I hope they feel good about it this morning. I know the people that came were genuinely complimentary and nice. I got to talk to one or two owners and they enjoyed telling their story and I enjoyed listening. 

I enjoyed a couple glasses of wine and "linner"? "lupper"? (what do you call lunch at almost dinner time anyway????) with the girls, chatting about the houses we saw, Christmas cookies, shopping, kids and all the other things you chat about with your girlfriends. All in all, a lovely way to start off the Christmas festivities.


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