Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Holiday House Tour (or pokin around part 2)

Yesterday Cara blogged about the house tour.  I look forward to this event every year.  It is a fun day out with the girls.  We get to chit chat and catch up in the car on the way to each house.  Then we go out for a nice meal and a few glasses of wine.  It is a great Christmas tradition that was started 5 years ago and I won't miss it for anything. Literally.  The last two years I skipped my daughter's Nutcracker performance (don't worry I went the day before) and this year I had my mom take her to rehearsal ( new school, different performance weekend).

I love the house tour,.  I love to peak into others lives and see how they are living.  I love to see how they decorate (or not) for the holidays.  It is a lot of work for these families to open their homes to the public.  We have been asked to be on the house tour and eventually I will agree but by going every year to others homes, I have learned some valuable lessons.  This year was a great group of houses. In years past some of the houses have been not so great.  It always amazes me that people let you into their homes - and maybe they are not that clean or neat - but everyone has their own opinion of what is neat and clean.

There was one house on the tour I was so excited to see.  It has 7 fireplaces and 18 rooms and a ballroom and was once lived in by a famous actor.  It sold last year for close to a million dollars.  I was so disappointed in that house.  I was expecting grandeur and gleam - but it seemed a bit run down and like it could be so much more than it was.  The owners of the home were so proud.  You could tell they loved their home and maybe that is what it is all about.  Not what others see - but what each homeowner sees.

The house tour inspires me.  I love some of the decorations I see.  I love the table settings and the Christmas trees and the furniture.  So thanks to all the gracious people who let us nosy ladies in their house.  Some day I will let you all into mine - but not the bedrooms.  That is one thing I have learned.  I don't want anyone in our bedrooms - I will be like one of those museums who put a velvet rope across the doorway.


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