Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Tonight I am hosting book club.  We didn't read for this one but instead are doing a Pot Luck Book Swap.  Everyone is bringing something to eat and books they have read and no longer want.  It's a great way to share a nice night with some friends, doesn't cost much and you get a new book to read out of it. 

My house is halfway decorated.  The tree is up - but the ornaments are not on it.  This is a family event - the hanging of the ornaments - and we haven't all been home together in two weeks so we haven't been able to complete the tree.  I am hoping Sunday morning we will be trimming the tree if I can get everyone out of bed.

I still don't have a wreath on my door - that is on my to do list for today - but I am waiting for the #$%* oil man.   He actually is a lovely man. Well lovely might be giving him too much credit.  A nice man.  His prices are right and he usually shows up as promised.  Yesterday I rushed home from the Middle School boutique and sat here waiting for him to show...and waiting...and waiting. I finally called and apparently I had slipped his mind. So he is coming today -and I am again waiting - he promised me he would show early but it's 9:22 and my early has already come and gone - curious to see what his early is.

Up since 6.  The chicken is cooked (making gumbo for tonight), the dishwasher has been run and reloaded.  The bathroom is cleaned and the kids have all been dropped off at school.  My day is in a good place. What else can you wish for? 


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