Thursday, December 2, 2010

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There is so much going on right now my brain is in a bit of a fog. I am battling a cold - on and off the last few weeks.  It's December 2nd and I am trying to figure out what to get everyone for Christmas. Parents,siblings, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law.  This is a tough crowd to buy for.  Years ago I suggested we not do gift for the adults in the family or do a grab bag but that did not go over very well.  Each year I am left struggling with what to buy everyone. One year we all ended up giving each other itunes cards and I was not happy - I gave everyone $25 and they gave me $15.  Last year I hit a home run.  I got everyone a panini pan from William Sonoma.  They still all talk about how much they use it.  This year I have NO IDEA what to get for anyone.  I am thinking a gift certificate for my parents at a gourmet food store they love.  They really don't need "stuff" and in fact are starting to give away all their worldly and household "stuff."  Food you need, right?

My kids are another story.  Sam has told me all he wants for Christmas is as trip to Disney - nothing else on the list.  Mae's list is a mile long and nothing is under $50 bucks.  Lu asked for three things - a laptop and two dolls but then changed it to a trip to Disney and a small toy.  I always tend to over buy for my kids.  They usually get everything on their list and then some.  The doll Lu asked for is one of a series so of course I bought more than one doll and all the accessories - that she didn't ask for - and that added over $100 bucks to the bill.  I am thinking Disney and a small toy might be cheaper in the long run.

Today I am picking Sam up from school early to take him sneaker shopping.  Yep.  I know. I never, ever thought I would pull my kid out of school to go shopping - but really there is no other time.  NONE.  So that is the deal - he gets to miss last period so he can get shoes - crazy.  My mom would have never ever done that - but we live in a busier time I guess. 

Okay that is enough rambling - time to get everyone up and out.  Hope you have a productive day!


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