Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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There's been a lot of magic going on around here this past week or so. Mike has lost his two front teeth on two separate occasions. So that required two separate visits from herself the Tooth Fairy. I have written about the Tooth Fairy before. She comes after much deliberating about whether we should leave a note or whether we want her to take the tooth with her or not. Falling asleep is very difficult as there's excitement and a little nervousness about this being floating in and out of the window. And she leaves all that dam fairy dust ALL over the place for me to clean up the next day. So it's quite the production. Double that, and add the Guy in the red suit and there's much anticipation...maybe too much.

We have a lot of Christmas trees in our house. We always have. Even when we had an apartment and the Diva was an infant we had two.

My kids have always had their own trees in their rooms. Junior stopped putting his up when he was about 11. I think probably he put it up "for me" for about two years before that. Diva still puts hers up as I did in my own room until I moved out and got married. Mike was readying his room to put his up last night but was in a quandary. He doesn't know if he wants to put it up. He got himself into quite a snit about it, of course this is all right before bedtime. I told him it was OK and he didn't have to put it up for me. It was fine. He outgrew it and that's OK eventually we outgrow things from our childhood. (I reminded him of the homemade WonderPet paper ornaments that he did NOT want to put on the family room tree the other night. They were "babyish"...whereas last year they got prime tree real estate right in front!!) Thinking that would make him feel better...he said that made him feel sad and he had a lot of things on his mind and this tree thing was making him feel "weird". So I convinced him to put the tree and ornaments back in the box and leave them in his room for a few days until he decided what he wanted to do. He agreed. We haven't talked about it since.

But I remember that "weird" feeling. I remember starting to put two and two together. Toys with price tags scratched off. Parents whispering downstairs when we were all supposed to be asleep cause Santa was coming....I remember the first year I "knew" and felt weird when I went to show my mom what Santa gave me and then thought " already know".

I remember Junior not taking the news very well. He really wanted to know, then wasn't very happy that he pressed for an answer. That was the year Polar Express came out in the movies so of course we had to get the "bell".

I can see the wheels turning in Mike's head. The subtle things he throws out I think to see if he can make me squirm. (never) "I don' t think elves make the toys I think Santa gets them from the manufacturers (yes, he said manufacturers) and then delivers them to kids". Or "I like making these shoebox gifts to give to kids who don't get presents but if Santa is so smart and knows everything then why doesn't he get to these kids and give them stuff??" ( I told him mean people in that country won't let him land his sleigh...he bought that for now anyway...either that or he just let me off the hook)

So I don't know. This may the last year for my house. I does make me a sad. It's the end of an era I guess. But I have been doing SC for 18 years. That's really longer than most parents have to do it for. So part of me can use the break. It can be stressful some years...hiding things, fibbing, killing myself to the find THE thing. (thank goodness there's nothing like that on the list this year!!)

So we will see how it pans out. I am thinking he will go a year having figured it out but not tell me. But maybe it won't be this year. We can do another year...even if it is for me.


Anonymous said...

He's deep thinker, that Mike!

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