Monday, January 31, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Breathe

I watched Goldie Hawn in an interview the other day talking about being "happy". I like her but sometimes her happiness and ear to ear smile gets on my nerves. She said one thing she does is make time to "be" every day. Take 30 minutes every day to just sit, breathe, meditate if you want. It will help center you, make you happier. If you can't do 30 minutes then try 10. Or even start with one. One minute. 

When she said 30 I was like yeah right. If I sit for 30 minutes with my eyes closed I will fall asleep. OK, so maybe 10 then. No, I can't. How ridiculous is that really? I can't even imagine myself sitting for 10 minutes? 10 minutes of quiet? That's sad. OK, so I opted for the one minute. I would try once a day for one minute. 

As you can imagine, that hasn't gone very well so far. That first day I totally forgot. The next day I remembered about 10 times...and thought OK as soon as I finish "____" I will sit. And never did. Right before I went to bed I remembered again. So I sat, in the dark in my living room. I think I may have even sat for more than a minute. It took a while for the thoughts to just go away and I could just think of nothing. It was kind of nice. 

That was two days ago and I haven't done it again. What the heck is the problem? Why can't I remember to just sit? I don't get it. 

I am going to try the rest of the week to do my 1+ minutes of stopping and just breathing and being. I am trying not to look at it as another thing to do. I think we can all use a minute or so to catch our breath.

We run, run, run all the time at warp speed. I am not exactly sure what the sitting and being is supposed to accomplish. Miss Happy Ass said do it and you will see "how it can change your outlook"...your life. Hmmm...always the skeptic but forever looking to self improve..that's me. So it can't hurt, right? Probably not. 

One, two, three....stop. Sit. Breathe. You can do it. Be happy.


Anonymous said...

Watch are becoming your mother!!! LoL.

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