Tuesday, February 1, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Baby Blues

My "baby" is sick and she is breaking my heart.  She is not really a "baby" anymore but 8 going on 14.  She had been whining and complaining much of last week but with no fever and no visible signs of illness, I kind of ignored it.  I let her stay home Wednesday because it was snowing and she was coughing (barely).  Thursday was a snow day and I sent her to school Friday.  She told me she didn't feel good Friday morning - but no temp and no visible signs of illness - off she went.  Friday night she slept at Grandma's.  Grandma fed her Robitussin and Tylenol and called to tell me that she was droopy.  Okay - but no temperature yet - and nothing majorly wrong.  Picked her up from Grandma Saturday morning - she did look a little droopy - but again not coughing - no temp - just teary eyes.  Took her to dance, she refused to dance, okay - no big deal - took her home. She woke me up Saturday night with a 104.1 fever.  Stuffy, sore throat, chills, delirious, crying, complaining her head hurt and her body hurt, Uh Oh.  Called the on-call pediatrician who said it sounds like the flu - its going around - nothing to do but keep her hydrated, cool baths and Tylenol.  Ok. She seems better by Sunday mid - morning until she starts vomiting and can't stop. Head off to see the on call pediatrician who says it's strep and sends me home with a prescription and some anti-vomiting meds.  My baby asks me if you can die from the Flu or strep - guess she was feeling that bad - but after tearing up myself, I assured her she wasn't going to die.  Finally broke the temperature last night - needless to say I will be keeping her home another day or two. 

Yesterday I was definitely feeling sorry for myself.  Trapped with a sick child, my hubbie half-way across the world, I was sad. I started to think about all the parents whose kids have something so much worse than the flu or strep. Kids with chronic illness who don't get better. I don't know how they do it, if I can barely cope with a temporary illness.  I didn't get a chance to post on Grateful Sunday this week since I was so busy holding the bucket for Lu and I wasn't feeling very grateful either.  But I am grateful - grateful my baby will be okay - grateful for all the friends who checked in on us and offered help.  Grateful she is getting better.  I am hoping next week will be nice and quiet.

Cara's two cents: Glad Lu Lu is on the mend...poor girl! MP says he hopes she feels better....sending you a virtual ((hug))


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