Friday, January 28, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Friday Farrag"snow"

OK. How many times can we talk about snow? Apparently for 36 hours straight. The news channels have been nothing but snow for that long at least. Part of me says, be grateful that there's nothing horrendous happening to report that's why they can spend so much time on it. The other part of me says "Enough!" I know it snowed. A lot. School was closed, the roadways were a mess yesterday morning so we should leave  a little later to go to work if we could. But it goes on and on and on. Makes you sick to death of hearing about snow.

In my quest to embrace winter I decided yesterday I like snow. I do. A day like yesterday when hubby was home, he could snowblow instead of shovel, kids were all home safe and sound with nowhere to be and the sun eventually came was a good snow day. It makes the house more cozy, even if the sky is gray it looks beautiful out of my window. Something I love to do is be outside on a night after it had snowed or is still snowing (a little). It's so quiet, and still..peaceful. Like all is right with the world for a moment or two. See...I am doing good right??? I am also taking Vitamin D this winter and I think it's helping. ;)

A few views from here yesterday....happy weekend and warm thoughts!!!!


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