Monday, January 10, 2011

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I borrow this (Simple Woman’s Daybook- from )
when my brain needs a jumpstart! It's funny the last time I used this was January 11, 2010....almost exactly a year to the day! I guess there's something about January and me. My brain needs to rest and recharge after more than a month of it running in overdrive holiday mode. I said I was going to embrace the winter this year...well deal with it anyway...not sure I am ready to hug it just yet. At the moment I am enjoying the snow. I like waking up to see it has snowed just enough to make it all pretty outside again. I like having a fire in the fireplace in the evenings. I like lazy Sundays with no yard work to do or sun calling my name to get outside. Winter...I am trying. Since I cannot get out of bed on these chilly winter mornings a minute before I must....I wrote this last night, so it's here early this morning.

Monday January 10, 2011

Outside My Window...
the street lights shine on frosty snow. My block is so quiet on nights like these. Dark winter sky, with just the lights from the street lamps and some neighbors bedroom windows who are still awake like me late on a Sunday night

I am thinking...
I am exhausted tonight...from exactly what, I don't know since I didn't get showered and out of my pajamas until 3pm
today.  Sometimes life is exhausting
but not in the physical sense

 I am thankful for...
 at the moment, my temperpedic mattress as I sit in bed and type on my laptop with a warm husband sitting next to me

From the kitchen...
tonight my hubby made a wonderful rib roast dinner with all the fixin's that was ready for me when I got back from church. It was really nice to just be able to sit down at the dining room table with my family (and a few extras) and enjoy a great dinner

I am wearing...
my pj's's 11:00 pm!!
It would never be a nightgown though, because whenever I have worn one I have woken up with it up around my neck and freezing. I hate nightgowns.

I am creating...
a new path for me and my family

I am going...
away with some girlfriends this weekend for non stop talking, laughing, wine drinking and fun.
 And it can't get here too soon.

 I am reading...
The Outlanders for my book club. I am enjoying it even though I don't think I ever would have chosen it on my own. One of the things I love about my book club.
(besides great women and wine!!!)

I am hoping...
things move in the direction I want

I am hearing...
a silent sleeping house and the nutty movie hubby is watching on TV...

Around the house...
I still have not put away all my Christmas decorations. I kept my tree up for little Christmas this year. I hate to take down my tree. That's down now....and for some reason it's not bothering me that the rest is not all packed up. It will get put away...and I didn't burst into flames because it's a double digit day in January and there's still storage tubs in my living room

One of my favorite things...
today, it's my new coffeemaker that lets me have flavored coffee whenever I choose...yum

 A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
order, packing, catching up with the gals

Happy Monday!


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