Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Ranting and Raving

I feel bad.  I spent the last 10 minutes ranting at my eight-year-old.  Why? Schoolwork.  She wants to be independent and not show me her work. I applaud that, until I take a look at her work and it's really not acceptable.  Misspellings and sloppy handwriting are what I see.  As parents do we foster independence and let the chips fall where they may when she hands her homework in? Or do we step up and make them redo it until it is near perfect?  She doesn't want me to look in her backpack either - why? Because she hasn't handed in her Friday folder or homework from last week.  Is that my fault? No. Her homework was completed, her Friday folder signed and comments acknowledged.  Where is the teacher? Does she not ask the kids to empty their folders? Collect homework?  Or is my daughter simply not paying attention during this time and her teacher isn't either. 

I told her if she came home without her folders emptied again, I was going to pin a note to her coat like a Kindergartner asking the teacher to please help her out.  That got her attention - because she does not want to be a baby or to be made fun of at school.  I also told her no computer,no video games, no nothing until her school work and attitude improve - I got an eye roll and those are my things answer.  Am I overreacting? Yes.  I know that.  Third grade is not a litmus test as to who she is as a student. At this point, she can go either way - a lazy, just scraping by type or one with a can-do attitude.  My other two are hard-working, honors students, so I know I did something right.  Part of it is her personality - part of it is a time crunch on my part.  Maybe we both need to step it up a bit.  Right now I just need to breath deeply and let it go - it is only third grade.


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