Monday, January 24, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Parents suck...just sayin'

Of course I don't mean YOU. But I am sorry, some parents suck. I beg your pardon if you don't like that expression, but it's true.  

I try not to suck at parenting. Most parents I know don't suck. They make mistakes, like I do, but that doesn't mean they suck. Most of us try like hell most days. We don't always make the mark. We may say something we don't mean out of anger. We may let them do something we don't really want them to do and have it come back to bite us. That's being human. That doesn't mean you suck as a parent.

A father (true story) who was walking into school in front of me one morning last week...he sucked. He was walking his daughter in and she had a very heavy backpack with what seemed like a lot of books in it. He said "Why is your backpack so heavy?" She said "I don't know" So I said "Well she must be really smart that's why she has so many books!" He says "Oh, she is definitely not smart!"

Wait. What? Are you serious? OK, Dad you totally suck. She was embarrassed now. I was embarrassed. She said " Yeah, bye Roger!" He said "You calling me by my first name now?" She said "Anyone who says something mean like that doesn't deserve to be called Daddy." Well then. She totally did not suck. What the heck was that? Hello? Ever hear about building UP your child's self esteem?

Or how about the parent that teaches their child all that matters is being first, being better than everyone else, having the "thing" before your friends whether that means you lie, put down or step on kids that are supposed to be your friend? They suck. The especially suck when most parents I know teach their kids to play as part of a team and not always try to be the superstar. Or put other people's feelings first sometimes especially when they are your friend. Or to play fair and call them on it when they don't, instead of teaching them to be a sneak?  Yeah they suck.

Thing is although sometimes I come upon children that would like smack, I have to remember their parents probably suck and it's not really their fault.

Maybe parents that suck should stop trying to live vicariously through their 8 year olds. Maybe they should try to remember they are raising someone who is going to be a grown man or woman someday. Don't they want that grown up to be a good person and a productive member of society and not just another grown up that sucks? Maybe they don't care.

I do. I don't want grown up children who I don't want to be around. That would suck. Just sayin'.

Jenn's two cents: my two cents turned into a whole post - it will be up tomorrow!


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