Tuesday, January 4, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Back to "Normal"

Happy New Year!  2011! Wow - it is hard to believe that we are entering the second decade of the New Millennium - I feel like we just finished getting over Y2K.  Was 2000 really 11 years ago? 

Now that the holidays are almost over, we are waiting for Little Christmas to take down the tree. Two more days.  I decided today I will take all the ornaments off the tree and just leave it up with lights on.  That way on Saturday it will be all ready for hubby to dismantle and put away.  We are a "fake" tree family - although you can't tell our tree is fake.  My sister was appalled when she found out it was fake after fawning over my tree on Christmas day.  We always had a live tree until about 3 years ago when we finally figured out the reason my son was sick every Christmas was because he is allergic to the tree - so light bulb moment, we went fake.  I do miss the Christmas tree ritual of going out and finding the "perfect" tree - but I don't miss the being cold, the whining, the nobody agreeing and the pine needles until Easter.

Yesterday saw everyone off to school.  We had a nice break and the week before Christmas and New Year kept us busy.  All the normal, everyday activities were put on hold for two weeks - no dance, no tennis - it was a nice break for us all - especially for me - the resident cabbie.

So yesterday I spent getting back-to-normal.  No baking to be done (miss those cookies!).  No halls to be decked.  Just laundry, waiting for the oil man, planning the month - seeing whats on the calender and thinking about dinner this week.  I didn't leave my house all day - what a treat!  Today it's more of the same.  I am happy just to be.  How about you?

Cara's two cents: I on the other hand feel like a hermit..I feel like I have been in my house for two weeks. I was actually happy to walk to the bus stop yesterday to get some sun on my face and fresh air. Onward to normal again today...


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