Saturday, January 15, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Better late than never!

So here I am on posting at 8 on Saturday night - a full 12 hours later than it should be.  But better late than never - as the saying goes. It was one of those Saturdays.  Tomorrow ballerina begins the first of her auditions for the summer.  In the ballet world, summer intensive, is what it is all about for these young girls. Where they audition - who gets in where - where they end up going.  It is a highly stressful process and quite honestly something you don't want to show your hand at too early.  There are lots of summer camps - but some are much better than others - all require an audition.  They are also pretty much word-of-mouth.  No need to advertise- so when you hear of a great one, you need to be careful who you share that info with.  I have shared in the past and it has bitten me in the ass.  So now I look at it as every ballerina for herself - no more sharing.  Its competitive out there and that girl you help out will turn around and kick you in the ass - right Cara? Diva is a helper like her mom - and has learned the hard way the more you help, the more those people will throw you under the bus.  I learned the same last year so no more.  I am out for my daughter and that is it.  I am not letting you steamroll me again. 

Last night we had a photo session with the ballet mistress - making sure the pics we submit with auditions are perfect - that knees are straight and hands just so and feet pointed right.  This morning I emailed those photos off to the local pharmacy only to find out at pick-up that all photos had been printed without ballerinas feet showing - really - are you kidding me?  That is the whole point - her feet. So back I had to go, talked to the pimply faced kid, got the photos redone correctly with feet intact.  Tomorrow we will be up bright and early - head into the city so ballerina can dance her heart out and I can pray that she gets into this program. Its her top choice.  Its my top choice.  They take 20 girls - about 1000 audition.  So we have a very small shot - and nobody ever got hurt for trying - right? 

My days are preoccupied with summer - it will be here before you know it even though all that white stuff piled up outside and the sub-zero temps are not encouaging - its coming - I have all the summer auditions to prove it.

Cara's two cents: Break a leg Mae...!!! It's a shame that we teach our children to do the right thing and then sometimes they do get thrown under the bus. Do you keep telling them to do the right thing or do you become all about yourself and what's right for you and the hell with them? I am working on that.


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