Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Pet Peeves

Every once in awhile Cara or I will post our Pet Peeves.  Things that just bug us.  Sometimes I think maybe its just me but maybe it's you too.  Here are some things bugging me today;

1. Garbage Cans.  Today is garbage day - the garbage men come between 6 - 7 in my neighborhood.  After dropping my kids at school, I take my cans in.  Many of my neighbors will leave their cans there all day if not for days. It annoys me.  Today I had to swerve around some cans.  I know the mom has already been up and out with the kids.  Why couldn't she take 30 seconds to pull her cans of the street? Yes its raining out - but get your cans out of the way.

2. Lateness.  I hate to be late.  There is a saying - "If you're not 5 minutes early, you're 10 minutes late."  Now sometimes we can't help being late - weather, things outside our control - whatever. It happens.  I always call when I am going to be late - it's the polite thing to do. My kids run late every day - they refuse to get out of bed and therefore are late almost daily for school - it makes me crazy.  Somewhere I did something wrong as far as teaching my kids time management skills.  We are still working on it!

3. Dishes in the sink.  My kids just throw their dishes in the sink, even when the dishwasher is empty.  I used to just put them in the dishwasher for them - but they are big now and can do it themselves.  I really try to stay on top of the dishes - even running the dishwasher twice a day. When there are dishes in the sink it makes the kitchen look cluttered.

That's it for now - I know there are more - but I don't want to be accused of being cranky today! 

Cara's two cents: Lateness bugs me too...dishes I can deal with...and I do not like when someone's can is in my way. Unless it's a nice looking one... ;)


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