Thursday, January 6, 2011

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There are two top stories in the news right now that have really grabbed my attention.  The first is the comeback story of Ted Williams - the man with the golden voice -  homeless until two days ago, he is now the center of a media frenzy.  Discovered panhandling on the side of the road in Columbus, Ohio, Mr. Williams is a glimpse into what can happen when drugs and alcohol bring a person down.  He went from a successful radio and voice personality to a homeless beggar once addicted to drugs and alcohol - he has even spent time behind bars for petty theft and fraud.

The other story is that of Owen Honors, commander of the USS Enterprise.  A twenty-something year veteran of the Navy, Mr. Honors has seen his career washed a way in the wake of a media frenzy based on a video made 4 years ago aboard the enterprise.  Mr. Honors has served his country. He has spent months away from his family and friends.  He made a video - to entertain the troops serving with him at sea - who I can only imagine must get a little stir crazy.  Was some of the video a little offensive? Possibly, I haven't seen it nor do I want to. It wasn't intended for my viewing or yours or the media.  It was for the crew of the enterprise. 

It is amazing to me what a media frenzy can do to a person.  With Ted Williams we are being given a comeback kid story and with Owen Honors we are being given the destruction of a man's career.  I wish Mr.Williams much luck in the coming weeks and months - he is going to need it.  The media will continue to feed on him and eventually all his pasts ghosts will come back to haunt him  We will hear about, in depth, his petty thefts and frauds and his fall and hopefully his rise.  He seems like a nice, intelligent man, who made some bad choices in life - I wish him well.  Commander Honors made a single mistake in the form of a video, and we are watching his life go down the toilet.  He served his country honorably for the past two decades.  That should count for something, don't you think?  

Cara's two cents: Hence the reason we will never be starring in Housewives of Mayberry...TMI


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