Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Fences

Weird topic right? Sometimes these things just come into my head (I told you it's a little scary in there). Fencing makes for good analogy I think.

I like the saying "good fences make good neighbors". It's true literally and figuratively don't you think? Imagine your backyard and all your neighbors yards with no fences. Yikes! I like fences with gates. This is my side, that is your side ,but you are welcome to come visit. Just close the gate behind you so your little fresh dog doesn't come over and poop by my pool. See? Neighborly.

Figuratively too. I usually have a good fence up when it comes to new people. Not a 50 foot soundproof one like on the side of the Expressway. (although I have suggested to a certain friend she put one between her and her scary neighbor but that is truly necessary...) I like to think of mine as a white wooden picket one. Friendly enough but a fence just the same. And when I get to know you, I will let you in. Once you are in, you're in. But, if you start knocking the pickets off then I may have to ask you to leave my fenced in area. 

Which leads me to "mending fences". Sometimes fences can be mended. Maybe just a few pickets fell off, and that's easy to fix. Sometimes there's just too much damage and it's not worth fixing. You try to nail the picket on but it keeps falling off again and again. So you get disgusted and just never bother to fix it. Then you can just go buy a rosebush or something to cover the hole, and forget about it eventually.

Sometimes fences are smashed to smithereens. There's nothing left but splinters. And they hurt like hell. And you walk away because it's just too hard to fix. Years go by and you think maybe you should try to fix it. But you are busy with more pressing things, that need your attention. Then one day you decide to go put up a new one. And you nail it up one picket at at time. Paint each picket a nice new shiny coat of white. One at at time. Starts to look familiar. Starts to come together. Starts to mend.


Maria said...

Well it's clear to me after having read your column that I'm in the fencing business!! I've been putting up, repairing, talking down for years now!!! I suppose in any event, I'm happy to still have the job, just wish I'd finally have all three fences surrounding me the way I like it!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Something to ponder! Excellent! :)

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