Friday, February 11, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Friday Farrago-ness

I know Farrago-ness is not a word. The word alone is weird enough. I was reading about Jenn's "ness's" in her post below...thoughtfulness, thoughtlessness My two cents about that is stupidness. I literally lol'd when the person at the meeting said it. Not because I thought it was cute because I thought "Well there ya go" Someone finally said it out Especially the person who just got finished talking about Kindness week. Amazingness.

It all makes me think about the other "ness's" I have encountered this week, and it's been one of those weeks.

Kindness is one. I truly try to teach my children kindness. It was emphasized this week at home since it is Kindness week, after all. You don't have to like everybody. Everybody is not your friend. But you still need to be kind. I was struck with a little hopelessness when I realized maybe the adults around him don't practice what they preach.

Forthrightness is another. I found it can be a relief when a friend is just that and helps clear the tension you could have previously cut with a knife. Whereas, I have also found that is a quality some claim to possess, but that's really only when it suits their needs.

Furtiveness is something I truly loathe. I hope I avoid acting as such.

Genuineness is something I admire. When it's real. Not put on. And there's a difference between genuineness and harshness. 

Grouchiness is exhausting.

Next week needs some new "ness's". Happiness, joyfulness, gratefulness, peacefulness and momentum-ness are a few I like.


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