Wednesday, March 16, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara 3 C's - Compromise

This is the last of my 3 C's posts. I had mentioned before I refer to my favorite book often for inspiration, if the words aren't flying out of my fingertips on to the keyboard. Today they are not. To be honest I am just exhausted, mentally and physically in that hearing my own voice fight the battles lately is making my hair hurt. 

Compromise. We make many compromises during the course of the day. Things we may want to buy, but don't. We wait maybe until there's a little more green in our pockets. Maybe we just get our overdue mani-pedi this week and save the haircut for next week. I make compromises with my kids all the time. In fact I like to refer to my little one as "Monty Hall" cause it's always about the "deal" with him. (Plus it makes him nuts 'cause he has no idea who that is. "WHO IS MONTY HALL????" he says quite annoyed.)

You have to compromise as an adult when you have to be in a room with someone you want to throttle. You have to sit nice, play nice, not curse your head off. (which for me is a compromise because I would much rather drop the f-bomb than sit quietly) You sometimes have to compromise what you would like to say because if you don't it could come at the expense of your children.

But that really brings me to my point. (yes I have one) When should we not compromise? I think when it comes to doing the right thing. Although lately I have not been the fan of the "right thing", and have been leaning more towards the dark, take no prisoners side lately. I can't compromise when it comes to kids, and I don't only mean my own. When I see adults taking advantage of their "positions" to steam roll kids...well I just can't compromise with someone like that. But when I take on the fight, (that dam sword again...I told you I can't never seem to get to put it down!)am I compromising myself, knowing that I don't need the nonsense but can't keep quiet? Should I take a step back and let things fall where they may or is that compromising?

Who said being an adult is easy? I know certain newly crowned 18 years olds, who think they are the sh#@ since they are "adults" now. Yeah? Well I will give them my adult club membership card for a bit and I will flit off in my car, go shopping and get sushi for lunch and they can compromise or not for me. Totally works for me. I'm in.


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