Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Spring in My Step

This Saturday at 7:21 pm, Spring officially starts.  I can't even express the joy I feel at the word Spring. Last week was not a good week.  One day of sunshine though, helped my whole outlook on life.  Friday was sunny and kind of warm and just beautiful.  One nice day was exactly what I needed.  This week the weather looks even better.  There is mention of 60's toward the end of the week.  Could it be that I can finally pack that winter coat away?  Not so fast - but now I can start going out in layers - a light jacket over a sweater over a t - to be shed as the day warms up and to be put back on as the sun sets. Longer days!  Just to see the sun still lurking about at 7 pm brings me unmeasurable happiness.  There is something about the change of seasons that perpetuates the theory "life goes on" because it does. Spring happens to be my favorite season in close running with fall.  I like "sweater" weather.  Cool nights and warm days. Sitting on the porch with a cocktail.

Today Cara and I will get back out there and walk. No more excuses - warmer days ahead mean less clothes and that means working off the pounds winter has left behind. Welcome Spring.


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