Friday, March 4, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Friday Oz

One of my favorite movies is the Wizard of Oz. I have blogged about that before. One of the reasons is probably because it was such an event every year...we had to wait to watch it, commercials and all. As an adult I can see all the lessons within the story. I will leave you with some to think about this weekend...

Take your friends along with you as you follow your path…they may find their hearts desire too.

Follow your own yellow brick road…even if someone throws apples at you. What do they know anyway? They are planted in the same spot and have no road to follow.

There’s no place like home. No place. Just look at the wall in my kitchen.

Don’t hide behind a curtain…eventually someone will open it and everyone will know.

You have always had the power inside you. Don’t wait around for someone to tell you that.

You can’t run away from your troubles. You need to just walk through the storm even if the hinges are unhitching...

Never give up what you know is right…or let anyone take away your Ruby Slippers for that matter

Your heart’s desire is right in your own backyard…stop for a minute today and look around. You'll see.


Moongate said...

Nice analysis... Well said

Carlene said...

hi test comment

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