Friday, March 25, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Mayberry's Finest

Last night was opening night for "The Wedding Singer" Mayberry's High School Musical. The kids were awesome of course.  Their talent is amazing. I have spoken before about these "children of my heart". This time though it really hit home since these kids I have known for ever. They are the ones that sat next to my kid in kindergarten. They were my kid's "rival" all through school, and now, all grown up they are close friends, partners in crime. They are the "little kids", the freshmen in their first HSM, nervous, excited but always looked after by the "old" kids.

We parents working side by side, doing hair, makeup, making hot tea for singers, feeding them spoons of honey to soothe their voices. We are their "moms" backstage while their real moms sit in the audience nervously waiting for the curtain to open.

If I am being honest I have not been a fan of Mayberry the past few weeks. The "dark" side of small town life had reared it's ugly head. It does now and again. But after a few weeks of that, last night wiped out all my evil thoughts, and I have stopped my plotting of people's demise (for now).

The next two days as the show continues, I will pin hair with bobby pins, do stage makeup, calm nervous Stars, then sit in the dark audience, crying happy tears for my Diva and for the little boy who sat next to her in Kindergarten, who no one knew could sing, belt out his solos. I will exchange pats on the back with parents of other Divas and be truly happy for each others kids.

I am hoping Mayberry's evil head with chill for awhile. All this fun is exhausting but battling evil is draining. I am rooting for future fun!


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