Monday, March 28, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Monday Meltdown

Well not a meltdown...more like a slow down. What a crazy couple of days!

I had the privilege of helping back stage with the High School Musical since Thursday. I am exhausted...and I didn't even dance or sing!

The past few days have renewed my love of Mayberry, which as of late has been well...fleeting.

The past few days I have seen teenagers who are what every parent hopes theirs will, kind, talented and enjoying every minute of what they are doing in school. Teachers who truly love what they do. Who invest their time and heart into these kids. I have seen students turn to these teachers when it was their turn to make their "Senior Goodbye" speech and tell them how much they have inspired them to be better at what they do, inspired them to become teachers themselves and have held them up to be the best they can be. Can we as parents really ask anything of more of our teachers? I can't.

We had the cast party here yesterday. Sixty kids here eating, laughing, singing and literally dancin' in the street. Parents made food and stopped in to see all the kids and talk about all that has gone on in the past few days. Their teachers even came...with baked macaroni and cheese in hand. They hung out all day with the kids, playing Just Dance on the Wii with them, danced in the street with them and even played a mean game of basketball with them. 

My face is literally swollen from crying for four days. Mostly happy tears watching "my kids" on stage, listening to their good-bye speeches, reminiscing with teachers and just getting caught up in it all being the "last" time for everything. Something tells me my happy tears are far from prom night, graduation and dropping off at college looms.

Just another stage in my life I I move forward.


Islipmom said...

The kids all did a terrific job!Your "Diva" had me laughing so hard! Being the mother of a senior I understand about the "happy tears". It's a year of hearing my son remind me "it's my last" this and that. As much as we think we are prepared for this moment- now that it's hereI know I will need a box of tissues or two (or three), as you said there will be many more happy tears in the months to come

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