Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Housewife

You know your a redneck housewife when

  •  You get excited over an App from Shoprite
  •  You have an official "laundry" days as in "no your shirt isn't clean cause mommy only does your wash  on Tuesdays"
  • Grilled Cheese is an actual dinner item
  • The dry cleaner knows your phone number by heart
  • The butcher knows your name
  • Every Friday is Pizza night
  • Takeout is not an option (except Friday - see above)
  • You look forward to Wine Wednesdays
  • Jeans are the staple in your wardrobe
  • You like Ellen better than Oprah (who saw that coming?)
  • You greet your spouse at the door each night with his slippers, newspaper and hot dinner in the oven (okay so maybe not the newspaper)
  • There are no days "off"
Here's to all the housewife's out there - if we got paid for what we do, we'd all be gazillionaires!  Feel free to add to the list - what makes you a "housewife?"

Cara's two cents: Waiting by the door with slippers and paper? OK, June Cleaver. Then I want to be Donna Reed she wore pearls while doing housework.


Anonymous said...

All in all, it's still one of the better jobs. No one tells you what to do; you're it! You make all the decisions and if you want to sit with your feet one day; go do it! What can they do....fire you??? LoL! Here's to all the domestic goddesses!

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