Monday, February 28, 2011

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So, all you 40 somethings out there...did you know we were Generation X? If you did then I guess you are way more hip happenin' than me, 'cause I had no clue. 

After the new year a radio station I had programed in my car stereo changed format and started calling itself the "Generation X" station. Yeah OK whatever, gotta reprogram that one of these days. Of course I never got around to doing it. (It's like the clock in the car that I never know how to change on Daylight Savings day. I just remember it's really not 3:00 it's 2:00 until we spring forward again.)

A few days ago I realized, I like the songs on this station. Hmmm. How can I like it, it's for Generation X. Well, that would be me. Who knew? Oh yeah right, you did. (not hip and happenin' over here remember??)

Generation X includes "people born in the 1960s and 70s, ending in the late 1970s to early 80s, usually not later than 1982" got that? (me neither) but I think it includes my LATE 60's birthday. 

I tried to read up on it some and it's a little grim. There's lots of stuff to read about Baby Boomers. "They were turning 60...they were still sexy....60 is the new 30 ..."(that makes me thanks). We are bombarded with talk about the Millennial Generation. who were born 1976-1995 or 1988-2001 depending on where you read about it. Or maybe we are bombarded with what they do since they are the "digital generation with computers, cell phones, social networking and the like.

How come no one wants to talk about us? How come we didn't make the cover of Newsweek when we were turning 40? What are we then? The generation with middle child syndrome? I don't know. I guess I never really thought about defining my generation.   

Did our generation make any significant contributions to the world besides, the Rubik's cube and big hairdos? To our defense we are a smaller group. (50 million to our older and younger siblings' 70+ million) Guess our parents had other things to do than have a gaggles of kids? Computers were just coming into play...none of us had them in our rooms on our phones. There were no blogs to spout off your opinions on. Ahem...

So maybe we didn't have significant tribulations to live through or can't be cool enough to post ourselves singing on YouTube (OK we can, but not without looking like jackasses). But we did have Valley girls, Scrunchies and Andy Gibb. We wanted to know "Where’s the beef?" and what Willis was "talkin' about". We wore Swatch watches and rubber bracelets and collected little blue people with white hats. It was an easier time without the threats of terrorists, global warming or tsunamis. 

I think we are a good bunch. We are the workforce, the bread winners, the moms and dads. I like being referred to as Generation X. It's totally gnarly. I am so sure.

Jenn's two cents:  I guess I am hip & happenin' cause I did know we were GenX (sometimes also referred to as the MTV generation) and I am married to a baby boomer.   Lu had that radio station on in her room just this weekend - and I was like wow what station is this? They are playing a lot of 80's - so I just programmed it in the car!  Love it!  The 80's totally rocked.  BTW our big kids are generation Y - not sure what the younger ones are.


Anonymous said...

Not to mentione we had the BEST BEST music ever in the 80's! lets see we also had cabbage patch dolls, those barbie heads that you could style hair and makeup, and we saw the invention of MTV :)
I like being a Gen X'er

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