Friday, April 8, 2011

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Another week done. It always happens this time of year. Once the weather starts getting nicer it, the weeks seem to speed up!

Been busy week in every which way, so today I gotta kinda "re-group".

Here's some highlights of my week. Hope your weekend is sunny, warm and for some time at least relaxing...
This is Mike at skating lessons. When he started 6 weeks ago he was a hot mess. Day One he fell about 700 times, got embarrassed and I know, wanted to give up. I brushed him off sent him immediately back on the ice, and he did it. He was proud of himself. I was guilty, this was my idea because he had wanted so badly to rollerblade so I took my buddy's suggestion I signed him to learn to ice skate first. I was doubting myself that day and feeling like crap. Fast forward six weeks later...he LOVES it! He wants to go to the ice rink everyday!! And I saw him roller blade down the block the other day. Mission accomplished. Score one for mom. And kudos and thanks to Curly for her suggestion!!

Got Gas? Got $500 in your pocket to fill up? Seriously.  I named this picture Highway Robbery and that's just what it is. I drive a minivan for God's should not take $50+ to fill it up. When I bring my Maserati to the gas station that's a different story.....

These are a few of my happy daffodils out in front of my house. I love them. And yes one is broken..poor baby. Daffodils and boys playing every "ball" ever invented and manhunt in my yard do not mix. So every year I plant, they grow, I yell. This year I did hear "Watch out for Cara's flowers!' So maybe they are learning but I am not hopeful. I couldnt throw that broken one out..for some reason it still looks alive...I am thinking about taping it that weird???


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