Thursday, April 7, 2011

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I have a couple of things I am thinking about today. The first is Donald Trump for President. When I first heard he was "thinking" of running, I was appalled - there was no way I would even consider him as a presidential canidate. Like many successful men, he is arrogant and full of himself. He doesn't relate to the majority of the people of the United States. He makes more money in a year, then many people will see in a lifetime. His companies have suffered financially in the past. This morning he gave an interview with Merideth Viera. He was his usual pompus self - but he caught my attention. He said something I have thought my entire life that no politician ever says. He said we need to take care of our own and stop solving the world's problems. Amen. He said we need to forget about other coutries issues and focus on our own - our education system is in crisis. Amen. He said things I think. He said we need to build schools here in our own country and not in Afghanistan where they will be blown up. Amen again.  I still don't like him - nor do I think he will acutally run for president - I think it's a bit of a publicity stunt - but I like what he said. We don't need to fix the world's problems. We need to fix our own. We are crumbling under the weight of the being the world's savior. Mayberry school district is losing 2.2 million dollars in state aid this year - but we can spend 6 million a day to bomb other countries? Where is the sense in that? Which brings me to my other thoughts of the day that is our school district. Like many other small districts, we are in trouble and I don't know what the long term solution is. We don't have enough money to cover expenses. Things are going to be cut. Taxes will increase. Tough decisions will be made. It will effect our home values, our kids higher education choices, our community. I am hoping for the best but planning for the worst. I have never thought about sending my kids to private schools - even though I am a product of the catholic/private school system. I want to believe in public education, I want to believe our country can educate our children and provide them with the tools to be successful adults with jobs. I want to have hope.  I am trying to have hope.  How about you?


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