Monday, April 11, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Jumping through hoops

Do you feel like that some days? Like all you do is jump through hoops? Trying to fit everything in...trying to make everyone happy? One of these days I will remember that I can't be everywhere at once and I can't make everyone day.

I am trying to make our spring break plans only to be nagged by teenagers who are "annoyed" that we might be away the WHOLE break. Really? I am sorry to take you someplace sunny and warm and that you may miss hanging around and doing nothing with your friends a few nights. Well maybe if we leave a little later they will have some time home...(hoop)

There's no one to coach the lacrosse game..what are those boys going to do? Well if we spend the whole weekend home and rearrange the vacation plans they will be happy (hoop)

Now Shorty's sad he is going to miss his friend's cool birthday party :( If we leave even later and come home later he could still squeeze that in, shaving some time off the parents much needed down time sunning poolside, but does the parent's "wants" matter an inch? Nah... (hoop)

 I want to eat healthier and stick to my diet...but they don't want chicken or turkey or fish again...Let me make 4 different things for dinner every night so they God forbid don't get bored eating what I want to eat (hoop)

Large boy tells me he need new Underarmour for his track meet tomorrow morning...let me squeeze that into my already errand pack day the next morning and coordinate my whole schedule around that so I pull up to school as soon as it lets out so he can stroll out and get it from me in the car... (hoop)

Let stupid parent "guilt" make me volunteer for another school event after I had just given way too much time to a previous school event that took a whole week and culminated with party for 70 in my house Ok I will leave my house as soon as my husband walks in without eating dinner which will have me eating cheese and crackers and cookies at school for dinner and I will walk around in my Sunday best heels and be crippled by the end of the night...really it's fine. (hoop)

What makes us jump through all these hoops? Seems even when I do say no, it opens up a plethora of other things I can jump around for.

Was it in the Mom job description in fine print and I missed that part? I don't know.

I do know that after awhile I get tired of jumping my feet hurt dammit.

Get a pedicure today you say? OK you convinced me...don't mind if I do. (no hoop there...)


Rosanne said...

Boy am I glad I found out about your plans before we invited Shorty to the sleep over on Thursday for the big Bday here. No hoops here.

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