Tuesday, April 19, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: I'm Bored

Yep - first day of vacation and I heard the dreaded "I'm bored" words out of Lu's mouth.  Are you kidding me? On day one?  She called around - tried to find someone to come and play but no one was answering. I wish I could have a day of nothing.  I would never utter the words I'm bored.  I would read or nap or make cookies or just be.  Sitting with nothing to do is what I dream about.  My other two were off with friends, gone for the weekend which left Lu an only child.  She didn't like it one bit.  She whined for her brother and sister - she wanted someone to play with.  In a few years,she will be an only child so to speak when her brother and sister are off to college.  She will need to get used to it.  Aunt Nancy came to the rescue with a trip to the movies in the afternoon -  boredom averted!  I got to do some much needed Easter Bunny shopping and Lu got to watch the Easter bunny poop jelly beans - a good day after all.

Cara's two cents: I worry about Mike too when he is an "only child" which will be here before I know it. He is already missing his big sister and she didn't even leave yet!


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