Monday, May 16, 2011

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Friday morning I stepped out my back door, it was a beautiful early morning...sun coming up, birds singing. Well not all the birds.

Smudge, my cat, a.k.a CatDog (he eats dog food everyday) or Spider-Cat (he can climb up the side of a tree in 1.2 seconds and just stick there looking at you upside down) got his 2nd bird of the season. I am prepared for this. He does it all summer long. He once brought in the house a half live bird and came looking for me, with it flapping in his mouth. (side note I DO NOT like birds...) he has killed a crow that was as big as he is and left it on the back steps. One morning I even found a dead bat sprawled out flat like the BatMan sign on my front walkway. I know he thinks he is bringing me a gift and all that crap but it's NASTY. I cannot even bring myself to scoop them up with a shovel and put them in the garbage. Again...NASTY!

But Friday morning was the topper. Now I know he has been stalking the cardinal nest. I know this because every year about this time Mr and Mrs. Cardinal are screeching in the backyard. They swoop down on him and his brother (who has really no interest anymore in catching anything except maybe a nap these days) and screech their bloody heads off when they even so much as come out of the house. They are quite annoying and quite brazen I might add. They will land two feet away from me and yell if the cats are near me. Like I said I don't do birds, so I am not digging that at all. But on my lovely Friday morning, the BirdHunter not only got a bird but a tiny pink featherless baby bird. He was chowing down on it like a lion on the Serengeti with an antelope. Seriously. So between my yelling and gagging...there went my peaceful morning. This time though it most definitely was not a gift for me. He looked at me with a "don't you even think about taking this away from me" look in his eyes and ran for cover so he could finish it off. I was sick to my stomach and so mad at him. That was cheating. Catch a huge crow and that maybe was an accomplishment but a almost hatched baby? No that was unacceptable.

But I was not half as pissed as Mrs. Cardinal. She was diving after him...trying to even get at him when he was under a bush. That was dangerous for her, cause once she gets on the ground she is an easy target. But she did not care. He ate her baby and he was gonna pay. Mr Cardinal was back at the nest watching the kids while that crazy bitch went out to kick some cat ass. (hmmm...sounds strangely familiar) Usually I quickly let the cats in when I know the birds are after them, but I was so mad at Smudge that I left him out there. I wanted that Mama Bird to teach him a lesson.

When I finally let him in, after I was sure he wasn't going to regurgitate baby bird guts cause then well...let's not go there, he was punished. No cat food all day since he had baby bird buffet for breakfast. But all day as I was out in my yard Mrs. Cardinal was there. She was waiting. She would land on the grass not far from where I was working and lift her wings at me like "tell that cat of yours he is gonna get a whuppin'".

I really felt bad for her all day. I can relate. I think most moms can. We don't care who or what is in our way when it comes to our baby birds. I always say the most dangerous place for someone to be is between a mom and her kid. She will take you out. I can remember times when I felt like Mrs. C. rippin' mad, out for blood not thinking about myself or what perdicament I was putting myself in. We don't care. We just want to get to who hurt our kids. And in retrospect it's not anywhere near as bad as eating your kid for lunch but it sure seems that way when you are in the heat of it. So really we moms are all the same. Whether we have feathers or skin. We just want to keep our babies safe in their nest until they are ready to fly out on their own. And no one better get in our way, or we will peck their eyeballs out.


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