Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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I am The Bombdiggity. Yup - that's me.  Not a word I would normally use to describe myself. The compliment was bestowed upon me by my soon-to-be 13-year-old daughter.  Compliments are rare these days from her - so I'll take it.  She has been giving me all sorts of compliments lately. I am helping make props for her dance school and being the crafty sort that I am, they are turning out awesome if I do say so myself.  So I guess having a crafty mom has elevated her status a bit at dance.  We went shopping for all the bits and pieces yesterday that I needed to make floral garland to be used in the ballet Sleeping Beauty which her ballet company will be performing June. She was impressed how well I knew my way around the craft store and that I knew just what to buy to put together the item needed. She wanted to know how I got to be so artistic.  I don't consider myself artistic. Crafty yes, artistic no.  My ideas are not original.  The dance teacher showed me a 25-year-old garland and said can you make something like this? Yes I can.  I can replicate most anything craft wise.  I just don't come up with the ideas.  I have on occasion come up with something original - but usually I borrow things from magazines, other people, the Internet  - the technique may be my own but the ideas aren't.  This week I hope to continue to be the Bombdiggity as I finish up all the projects for ballet - next week we may go back to my being the meanest-mom-in-the-world!


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