Thursday, May 5, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Clutter

My mind is filled with clutter today.  Too many thoughts to really think coherently. My brain is going a million miles an hour.  I didn't sleep last night. Sometimes life is tough. When you sit down and think - really think - about all we do each and every day, it's exhausting.  Just the everyday stuff wears you out - but when you add some extra stuff - dryers breaking, girl drama, torrential rains, cars needing repairs, computers needing repairs, it can all seem a bit overwhelming.  Then  you hear about the death of a mom.  Two for me this week actually, one young and one old.  I didn't know the young mom but my heart breaks for her family, for her kids.  I mentioned it to my husband who said he knew the feeling as his dad passed when he was young.  I am glad I don't know that feeling.  I pray for her children each night as their life is going to be tough each and every day.  The other mom I knew that passed this week was in 60's.  Not old by any means but she had been sick for a long time.  Her kids are all grown with kids of their own.  It was a long year of waiting and though her kids are sad, they are relieved too.  They are relieved to see her suffering end.  The grandkids don't understand and for them there is a lot of sadness. We had just spoken about her on Sunday and her daughter-in-law said she just won't let go - maybe she needed to clear the clutter in her mind - and she was finally able to let go.

Every day we make choices that affect the next day.  Even though we can preach to be positive - to let things go - it's not always easy.  Today is going to be a tough day for me as I wait for the dryer man (better than the oil man) and try to let things go.  Try not to let my kids pain be my pain. Trying to clear the clutter from my mind and just be.  I have a to do list a block long - so I will keep busy and stop thinking so much. I wish we had an "off" switch in our brains.  I could really use a break right now - you know how much I hate clutter.

Cara's two cents - Sending you hugs today my friend...I will try and pop by and cheer you up. xo


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