Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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It's one of those days for me when I have a 1000 things on my mind but nothing to say...if you can get that. Not a helpful frame of mind for blogging I suppose. So I will take the easy way out today....
Wednesday May 4, 2011

Outside My Window...
it's cloudy again. Not helping my disposition let me tell you. But I see my flats of flowers still patiently waiting to be planted...I will see if I can help them out today.

I am thinking...
I hope my most recent decision is the right one...and I am not sorry 6 months down the line

 I am thankful for...
  happy occasions coming up even though my calendar may explode

From the kitchen...
I am back on track with my eating and I AM NOT going to let the fact that my mother-in-law is here cooking up a storm deter me from my path...foccia bread anyone? grrr.

 I am wearing...
my pj's still. Alas I must join the living soon enough

I am creating...
celebrations for all that my Diva has on the horizon

I am going...
in ten different directions every day. I am afraid my 8 days of R&R is
all but a mere memory...grrr again.

 I am reading...
nothing right now. Can't make the next book club so not sure if I will read the next one

I am hoping...
I am complaining about the heat soon...cloudy=grouchy

I am hearing...
teenagers reluctantly getting ready for school, cats meowing to go outside...soon to be replaced by 8 yr old chit chat, and grandparents watching the news

Around the house..
planting today like I said. Always clears my head and puts me in the right frame of mind
One of my favorite things...
is flip flops. I do not care what the weatherman says I am not taking them off 'til October

 A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
house guests, parties, PTA...the usual I guess!


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