Friday, June 10, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: To doooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...............

I know I am talking about my "to do" list again. But's just getting down right crazy now. I really don't understand how people don't have lists of the things they have to do. I know I am a list/folder organized freak...I get it. I am made fun of on a regular basis for it. It's OK, I dish it out pretty well so I gotta get it back now and again. But it's never done!!! Why not??!!! 

Today I woke up thinking about it. For one second I wasn't sure what day it was then I remembered...PTA meeting with school principal (dam means I have to get ready early), dog hair do's, hanging new curtains, readying for houseguests and little boy sleepover, dinner, returning phone calls....on an on and on. Maybe if I add sit down and have a glass of wine to the list that will get done? I even dreamed right before I woke up that two of my friends ripped part of their "to do" lists off and handed them to me so I could help get their stuff done! Did I say dream it was more like nightmare!!!

So off and running...I hope your to do list today is short and sweet. Don't have one? I may either have to smack you or get you a folder.

And... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who is currently getting down with the country folk!! Yeah haw!!!


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