Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara....weiners, jack asses and idiots

Just to piggy back again on what Jenn said yesterday... what the hell IS going on???? Why does the world need to make it so hard to raise kids?

Who do they have to look up to? Why would we want them to a politician, a professional athlete or a movie star? Why so then they can turn into lewd, lying, steroid taking idiot?

And let's not forget some of the local "celebrities" who are supposed to be part of our "village" that's supposed to be helping to raise our children. They are supposed to be a role models who help us teach our children self esteem, teamwork, empathy, sportsmanship and responsibility. But I am not happy to report I don't usually see that. I see eliteness, self centeredness and plain rudeness being taught. I find myself telling my little one "see how that adult acts? Mommy doesnt like it, and you should never act that way". That really makes me sad. (that is after I get over initially wanting to choke the life out of such people) But it does make me sad. Just like amidst all the weiner jokes on the radio, and the Arnold voice intimidators it makes me sick to my stomach when I think it's so hard to find someone for a kid to look up to.

So I suppose these days it's just up to us as parents, to keep the home fires burning and work like hell to the be the role models for our kids. Which I know is our job anyway but it's discouraging to know we have also have to be so diligent protecting them from "adults acting poorly" (this seems to be my new catch phrase).

I just have to hope that all my talks, examples and calling out of adults acting poorly will teach him right from wrong. And that how lots of times doing the right thing is the harder thing but you need to do it anyway. There's a few stand out adults that I know that are shining examples of what kind of man I want my son to be. I did remember to tell one of them the other night at a game that he is one that I use as an example of how an adult in charge should be. I think he was a little taken aback at first but then really appreciated hearing that. I think we mostly complain and focus on the jack asses and idiots. There's probably a few more that I should let know how they are part of my "village" and appreciate them.

It's all exhausting and it's only Wednesday.


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