Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Whiny Wednesday

Oh how I wish it was "Wine" Wednesday...but it's only hump day. That wine will have to wait 'til the weekend.

Most weeks I find nonsense runs rampant. I told a friend that I am beginning to feel like a fireman. Seems I need to put out a fire only to have one pop up the next day. Is that just life? Or just an annoying wave in life? Grrr...either way it makes me feel like whining. I wish I really could but people would run away from me, it's not really attractive.

But I have my reasons....for one,the stupid ass girl who flew off the curb on her bike into my (actually Diva's) car. This was while she was reading a text message and listening to her iPod as she drove off the curb into my turning (thankfully slowly) car. After I suffered a stroke thinking she was wrapped around my tire...I got out quick to see if she was OK. She was fine...obviously embarrassed...I said "please sit down etc.." She proceeded to curse at me...tell me she was "an adult (I am figuring about 19) she didn't have to listen to me...she was leaving and F*@k you." Uh? Really? OK, thanks for the heart attack and friggin' dent, scratch and bent antennae on my kid's car and maybe you should wait one sec while I back over you for good measure.  The nice off duty fireman who stopped to see if he could help, concurred and we all went on our way. Too bad this didn't happen before I could have included her in the weiners and jack asses post. whine grrr....

Teachers who are on my last nerve now that we are in the home stretch. Without going into too many they just check out come June 1st? I know we are in the home stretch I am stick a fork in me I'm done, done too. But can we use common sense. Can we now that 10 months of school has gone by realize which kids maybe just don't get along? And maybe could you not put them together in a school trip chaperone group that a grandfather is chaperoning? It's really all common sense here elementary teacher 101. Thing is I really like this teacher...but now I am just sour grapes...whine  grrr.......

If I order a sandwiches at the Mayberry deli and the orangutan behind the counter forgets to put one in the bag, and I drive home, discover this and then have to drive back again and wait on line to find out where the hell my cheese sandwich went can you please be a little more accommodating? Can you not question me? I didn't mess up. I am the customer and a frequent local Mayberry customer at that...can you not ask if I paid? And how much I paid so you can be sure I paid? Meanwhile you have the sandwich sitting there behind the counter....then when I get my back up...THEN you are in "customer is always right" mode and give me the sandwich with a pat on my hand, assuring me you believe me. Really? You should have followed me home and packed my kids trip lunch for starters....whine. grrrrrrrr!!!!!

My friend who lives down the road a piece said Karma had just been to her house...I asked her to send him over. She obliged. I am waiting. I baked a cake.


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