Thursday, June 16, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Southern Hospitality

Hubbie and I just returned from 5 days in Nashville, Tennessee. What a great town! We have visited Nashville before, about 4 years ago. Last time we went to the Grand Ole Opry, this time we were there for the CMA country music fan fest. It is 5 days of country music performances. On the main stage are all of countries biggest acts, Taylor Swift, Zac Brown Band, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and that is just part of the line up. There are surprise guests each year - this year it was Scotty & Lauren from American Idol and Kelly Clarkson and a bunch of others. The whole idea about this week is it is a celebration of the fans by the musicians. You can meet your favorites - if your willing to wait in line for 5 hours or just sit back and enjoy all the music. All along Broadway are bars filled with musicians playing for tips. We went to some of the famous ones like Tootsie and The Stage and some of the real dives too. Around 65,000 people descend on Nashville for this 5 day period.

What I found the most AMAZING was the bathrooms. They were all clean. Really clean. No pee on the toilet seats, no toilet paper or other unmentionables littering the floors. Southern women keep it clean and I appreciate that! I tend to have public restroom phobia - ladies you know how the bathrooms are usually gross in bars or public venues - and obviously it's our sisters who aren't keeping it clean. The southern ladies Ae just a deferent breed. Everyone was so polite. Yes ma'm and sir all week long. Dresses and cowboy boots and rhinestones and full on makeup and hair in 100 degree weather. No pants on the ground, no attitude, just good old country fun. Thanks Nashville!


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