Monday, June 6, 2011

PostHeaderIcon "Dearly Beloved...

 We are gathered here today
to get through this thing called life...." ~Prince

I was listening to that song last week as I was spiraling through my days getting ready for well...everything.Parties, company, proms, graduations you name it it's on my calendar. I have listened and sang along to that that Prince song probably 9000 times since 1984 but that's the first time that line made me laugh.

When things are nuts like June usually is we get up and "get through" our days. Get through life. I start my everyday with my to do list that is longer than my arm. Though I am a little more hip now that I keep one on my new cool phone but that's only so I don't leave my list on the counter when I go out...I mostly never leave my phone home. I tick off what I have accomplished only to add more to do's for the next day.

We are trying to redo Mike's room and make a more grown up boy room. I say try not because there's any issue in what's to be done or how to do it...there's no time. It's been two weeks and we aren't done yet and it's making me nuts. This week is crunch time it will get will look great. I however will look like I have gone through the ringer by week's end.

Way back a few months ago I blogged about just being and taking some time to sit and be...yeah. I need to go reread that. Haven't been doing a good job of that lately.

The night before Mike's Boy Palooza I thought ok in 24 hours I will be done with this party. Which now has come and gone and already I am on to readying and "listing" for the next thing I need to get done. I am not alone I know. I sat with people at a graduation party today and they all said the same thing. Not enough hours in a day...everyone's running in 10 different directions. Getting through life. I am hoping as the month comes to and I end I stop and smell the roses...and maybe just maybe I can find that few minutes in July to sit.


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