Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Happy Summer!

It's here!  The offical first day of summer.  For many of us, summer kicks off memorial day weekend.  For others its today, June 21st.  For me it's Thursday, the last day of school. I look forward to the last day of school - for about a week and then I am wishing they are off again. 

This summer, the kids have a good schedule.  There is a lot of down time and some scheduled time too so I shouldn't here I'm bored too many times!  Boy is not here that much this summer and that is a good thing. He and I have been clashing a lot lately.  He needs to spread his wings so to speak and I need him to give me a little space. He has two seperate trips planned so there should be lot so of love from him as he is always kinder just before he leaves.  This Friday we take ballerina up to her camp for two weeks.  Again, good for both of us though I know she will miss us - she needs a little more independence.  Lu and I will be hanging around town - going to the beach and she has camp for three weeks. Then she has sailing lessons.  So again - busy but not overwhelming.

Hubby decided we can put a pool in.  So I am pool shopping.  Don't know if that will happen this summer - it seems to be a long process.  So if not this year then next for sure.  I am getting all the leg work done, quotes, types, etc.  A lot goes into a backyard oasis. I am thrilled.  It will be lovely to be able to sit in my backyard and watch the kids and not have to worry where everyone is and be able to go for a swim at midnight if I feel like it.

Enjoy the first day of summer  - it's going to be a hot one here - kinda wishing for that pool now... 


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