Thursday, June 2, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Summer Camp

Two out of my three children are going to sleep away camp this year.  I am excited by this.  I am looking forward to house full of peace.  It will be me and Lu.  No big kids to bother us, beg for money or traipse in and out of the house all day long with a gaggle of friends who eat me out of house and home.

Don't get me wrong.  I like being the "it" house. I like my kids and their friends here.  I like knowing what's going on.  I think I will also like my peace and quiet. I think Lu will too. She and I will find lots to do in our week alone.  No siblings. Today we got a small glimpse of that peace.  Ballerina is off in the big city with her friends and Boy is off to school at the crack of dawn.  Just me and Lu right now and things are quiet.  No drama this morning.  No girls fighting over who is wearing what belongs to the other. No boy calling his sister names. Just me, Lu and the dog daisy - I think I am going to like this summer camp thing.

Getting the kids ready for camp is a full time job.  Forms to fill out and drop at the Dr. Sheets and towels to be sorted out to bring or to buy new.  Clothes need to be purchased, toe shoes, bug spray, sunscreen, toothpaste... the list is long and the planning is longer - but the end result will be well worth it for all of us.  What are your kids doing this summer?


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