Monday, July 25, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Cult?

No. But that's what our spouses and "new" friends ask us when we say we are going to yet another town reunion. No one gets it. I usually have a hard time explaining it.

It's not like we haven't had one the past three years. And yes it does last a whole weekend. (well this year we skipped Saturday and just did Friday night and Sunday at the town beach). Most of us haven't moved away. We have moved out of town but only a few towns east or west. Even the ones that have moved out of state plan their trips back to see their family around what weekend the reunion is.

One of my friend's wives wanted to know what we did at these reunions? Did we perform sacred cult rituals and practice voo doo? Nah, nothing as exciting (or creepy) as that.

It's just LOTS of talking with LOTS of people. Catching up on what's been going on in eachother's lives. Meeting eachother's children, or comparing parenting "notes" now that the shoes on the other foot so to speak. I talk to so many people in the span of a few hours it dizzying. Every year some new people come once the news of the reunion the year before gets around and you get to catch up with them too. That's really all it is. I guess it sounds silly once I say it out loud.

But we go. We probably always will. We all look forward to it.
Some of us will see eachother around. We live with a few miles of eachother so we may see eachother at Target, or at a ball field or wherever during the course of the year. But when it's reunion time we will all be there again. There will be some new old faces and we will all catch up and be happy to see eachother again.  


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