Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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I always want to lose a few pounds.  I have some extra pounds around my middle I would like to see dissapear.  A few months ago I bought a book, The 17 Day diet, that two of my friends had great success with.  The premise is you change your eating habits every 17 days.  17 days seems like nothing, right?  The diet is simple and easy to follow.  Your not hungry.  There is plenty to eat.  After the first 17 days you move onto phase two for another 17 days and then phase 3 for another 17 and then onto the maintnenance plan.  I have not made it past phase 1 and keep starting over.  The hard part is the parties and BBQ's all summer long and the no drinking ....I like a glass of wine at night. I have definitly changed my eating habits because of this book.  Giving up pasta, bread, potatos and eating more fruit and veggies. I don't own a scale but I feel like my clothes are fitting better.

For dinner last night I made red pepper ravioli in a cream sauce.  definitely not diet foot - but ballerina requested it and I didn't feel like another chicken cutlet.  So I sat with my family and enjoyed dinner time and didn't feel guilty at all.  After not eating such rich food in so long, I have to say I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.  It didn't sit well with me either.  Change is hard but once the change begins, it gets easier to keep going.  Will I keep making my families favorites for dinner?  Absolutely.  Will I eat along with them - definitely - but I think I will stick with my chicken cutlet or salmon.  Another party tonight so I know I will indulge in things I shouldn't ... but I can always start over again.

Cara's two cents: Ravioli is hard to pass up... :)


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