Friday, July 1, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Shhh

7:00 a.m. Hear that? Me neither. Nothing. Nothing 'cept the humming of my refigerator and keys tapping on the keyboard. Delightful.

Nothing to do today. Well, maybe except go to the beach (again). No camp, no meetings, no appointments. Aaaah you are! Been so insanely busy the weeks of June and then this week up and at 'em everyday with camp starting at 8:30, sports, kiddie parties etc...that it hasn't felt like summer had hit yet, even though it's a week already that school has ended.

I was reading something yesterday about the difference between finding happiness and finding bliss. Happiness is brought on by outside influences. Like something great happens, or someone buys you a gift whatever. Finding bliss comes from inside. Not really brought on by an outside occurence. If you stop on a day like today...when the sun is shining, not a drop of humidity in the air and take a deep breahth you can feel it. Close your eyes and hear the sound of little boys giggling (cause they still do even if they think they are tough guys) in the pool as a seagull squawks overhead as he flies down to the bay you can feel it.

These days of summer are when I can usually "find my bliss" and it's usually when I am not doing much of anything.

Stop and take a breath today...or tomorrow. Savor it. Six months from now it'll be January and I will be cranky and holiday'd out right along with you.


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