Thursday, June 30, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Beach Day

One of the reasons of love my town - and where I live - is that I can be at the beach in 2 minutes.   When I was a kid, going to the beach was for the day.  It was a 25 minute drive and when we went, we went all out.  Coolers packed with enough food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Beach chairs, umbrellas, beach balls, get the idea.  It took a half hour to pack and a half hour to get there and then you had to park in BFI and hike your way to the beach with all your stuff.  We didn't have a beach cart or wagon - each kid got a few things to carry.

Fast forward 35 years.  My daughter asks if we can go to the beach.  Sure I say.  Get your suit on and lets go.  No big deal.  Nothing to pack.  The beach chair is in the trunk.  We can park right next to the sand.  Swim for an hour - even get an ice cream - and be home again in 2 minutes. 

A few years ago some friends and I started beach night.  The idea was simple.  One night I had been down at the beach with my kids.  It was empty.  I thought why is no one here enjoying this and beach night was born.  Over the summer months we try to get to the beach once a week at night.  Kids run and play, adults sit and talk.  We all look forward to it.  As schedules have changed, so does beach night.  Who has lax practice or baseball or softball or hockey...we try to accommodate everyone and make beach night fun for all.  As my kids get bigger, they don't all want to come anymore.  Now it's pretty much just me and Lu.  That's okay - someday it will be me and Cara with  all our gray-haired friends hanging at the beach.  For now it's a nice memory for our kids who look forward to it each summer with "when's beach night?" starting in May.  Finally I can say, it's beach night! 


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