Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: 5 things...

I decided today I would toot my own horn...make a list of 10 5 things I am "good" at.  Give myself a little ego boost or at least a good laugh.  Something simple for an end of summer day...

1.  I am a Good Mom.  The other day one of my children told me I was too honest.  I didn't think a person could be too honest - but I think when I tell my girls their hair looks like a rats nest they don't like my brand of straightforwardness.  I don't sugar coat.  Never have.  I try to tell it like it is - especially to those closest to me.  I try to live by the rule if you don't have anything nice to say... except when it comes to my family and then I tell it like it is.  I think that makes me a good mom. It also makes me very quiet sometimes when I am thinking those "not good things" I can't say.

2. I am a Good Cook.  I am not afraid to try something new.  I hate the prep work and the clean-up but I love the actual cooking and of course the meal I end up with.  I love to bake.  Chocolate cake is my specialty.

3. I am a Good Friend. I limit my drama but will listen to yours.  I am easy going and not demanding.  I will help you out if I can.  I won't babysit your kids but I will pick them up and drop them off for you at friends houses.  I will watch your pets and even water your flowers when you're away.  I will make you a meal if you need it. (See #2)

4. I throw a Good Party. My parties tend to be simple and uncomplicated.  I decorate, I cook, I clean up before you come over.  I make sure there is plenty to eat and drink. I invite an interesting mix of people.  It's not hard to throw a good party.

5. I am a Good Idea Person. Need to get crafty? Call me - I will think up some ideas for you.  Parties? I am good at planning them.  Need your kids to help out? I have some tricks. Looking for something to do? I can help you out.  I have lots of thoughts I can share with you if only you ask... 


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