Thursday, August 11, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Growing Pains

This week was a quiet one so I decided to do a major cleaning in the girls rooms. They Each got a whole day. They were required to help but it felt more like they were observing or supervising to me. I don't understand why kids hate cleaning their rooms because when we are all done and everything is put away and polished and dust free they proclaim love for their room and never want to leave.

We started in ballerinas room. It actually wasn't that bad since I had cleaned while she was at camp in early July. What we did get rid of were a lot of shoes and clothes. Ballerina had a big growth spurt this summer. When ballerina grows, Lu gets a whole new wardrobe and nobody is happier than her as her sister is a fashionista and she pines for most of her clothes anyway.

The next day we tackled Lu's room. She overwhelms me. She has a future as a horder. Don't tell her that or she bursts into tears. Her room was a challenge. She was brave and let me
throw away a lot. Two trash bags full. Next we went through her clothes. Not 1 pair of jeans in her closet fit! She too had a big growth spurt. It's hard to see it when they are right under your nose day to day.

Tomorrow my boy comes home after two weeks in China. I can"t wait to see him. I betcha he's grown too.


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