Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Summer Mornings

Now that most mornings left on my calendar don't HAVE to have me somewhere...I like to get up early before the kids (which with teenagers we could be talking 11:30). I like to get my coffee walk around my yard while it's still quiet. Before the morning pre-day meeting with hubby..."Who's on first? What time is this or that? You home for dinner?"...before bed headed little boys walk out in their boxers asking me to make pancakes. While there's little planned for the weekdays on my calendar there's little planned in my head to blog about. Which is a good thing in a way cause there's nothing major for me to get on my soapbox  go on about, and there usually is so maybe things to rant about are on summer vacation too. Good. So here's some scenes from a summer morning. Wishing you some more lazy summer mornings too...
Remnants of a teenage night swim...

A random tomato plant that
decided to grow in my flower garden

Ready to be picked...thinking either a tomato sandwich for lunch or maybe tomato, mozzarella, basil with olive oil and balsalmic vinegar for dinner...yummmmm

Crazy, nosy cats that must follow me around
 and see what I am doing...

The slant of morning summer sun....

Perennials bloom just in time when I am so over watering things every minute...they are great friends...
happy, low maintenance and just there

pot full of flowers that I had left over after planting ended up being quite nice...

Flip flop parade by the door...

My mums I planted last fall.
Doing very well but better dare not bloom until I am good and ready for summer to be over...

Kickball bases and basketballs that are somehow now part of my landscape design


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